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I offer winemakers-distillers Cognacs, Each expresses its own distinctive terroir and character. My Cognacs are not blended ones, but signature cognac with their own style. At the end of the afternoon, or with food pairing, in cocktails or after diner, each suits a specific tasting moment.

Who am I ?

Coming from 4 generations of winemaker and distiller. Ours Cognacs were usually used in the blend of big houses; I launch my own brand, the first bottling was in November 2013.

Where ?

With my fiancé I have joined the family estate. We work on 30 Ha in Borderies (the smallest cru of the appellation) and fins Bois. All our vineyard is in Ugni Blanc. I distill my cognacs at the familly estate.

My philosophy

I’m working to valorize our craftsmanship, and reveal typicity of our spirits. From vineyard to distillation, and during the aging, we are looking for fresness, fineness and precision. My cognacs are refined and very pleasant, fashioned without additives.

My Cognacs

My Cognacs

illustration cognac illustration cognac

Petite Cigüe

Fruity, luscious and tangy, Petite Cigüe is a generous Cognac. It is a Cognac to be savoured wholeheartedly, for a moment of shared pleasure.

My Cognacs

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Le Laurier d'Apollon

Young, masculine and ambitious, this cognac offers a virile aromatic palette in a rich and powerful style!
Limited edition to 5 barrels - 2.460 bottles.

My Cognacs

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Iris poivré

Pure, distinct and floral, Iris Poivrée links fineness to generosity. Delicate in essence and subtle by nature, it reminds one of a shared poetic moment.

My Cognacs

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Cèdre Blanc

Cèdre Blanc is a rich, enveloping Cognac. It combines finesse, force and freshness, offering a delectable moment of intense pleasure.


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